7 Methods That Might Help You Deal with Wasps This Autumn

7 Methods That Might Help You Deal with Wasps This Autumn

Wasps are the most common pests found in Autumn. Wasps like warmer climates; this is the reason why wasps are found more in Summer. Gutters, flowers and plants, uncleaned garbage cans attract wasps. Wasps infestation is very dangerous. Wasps are very aggressive in nature if you try to disturb their nest they become aggressive and attack you. Their stings are painful and cause burning pain, redness, and inflammation. A wasp sting can also cause an allergic reaction for some people.  Even though they are dangerous they also help humans by eating almost every insect that harms crops. If you found a wasp infestation near your house, hire a professional pest controller to eradicate them.

7 Important Methods That Might Help You Deal With Wasps This Autumn

  1. Seal entry sources: They enter your house in search of food through torn screens, open damper, unsealed vents, cracks around windows and door frames. To control wasps from entering your house seal all their entry points. It is the best method to control wasps from entering your house. 
  1. Remove food sources: Wasps are always busy in search of food. When they found any traces of food they made the infestation at that place. So, it is always recommended to remove food left outdoor such as pet food and properly cover garbage containers that have food wastage. 
  1. Plant herbs in the garden area: Wasps hate herbs especially thyme and eucalyptus. So, plant herbs in the garden area or outdoor sitting area to avoid wasps. 
  1. Make a water trap: Water trap is one of the best traps used to kill wasps. Take a container and fill it with sweetened water and add a dishwashing detergent. Wasps attracted to sweetened water and enter into a container then detergent helps to drown the wasps into the container. 
  1. Use fake nest: Using the fake nest helps to make wasps believe that already other wasps are living in that nest and they avoid building their nest near to the fake nest. 
  1. Avoid using floral and bright decors: As wasps like flowers when they see floral or bright decors they attract towards them and enter your house. So avoid using floral decors to keep yourself away from wasps. 
  1. Clean garbage bins regularly: Wasps enter into your garbage bins for the search of food and make infestation in bins. So it is suggested to empty and clean garbage bins regularly to avoid wasp infestations. 

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